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    optima hd20 projector         Optoma HD20 High Definition 1080p DLP Home Theater Projector


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      Projector or TV - Which is Best for the Home

      Considering the high cost of 60-inch-plus televisions, many consumers are turning to more affordable projectors to get very large displays at home. read more...

    • Projectors

      JVC DLA-HD550

      This 1080p JVC front projector, an LCoS model, is a top-rated model. The JVS DLA-HD550 has excellent overall performance. Though pricey, it delivers class- leading picture quality with superior contrast fueled by its benchmark black levels. read more...

    • Projectors

      Epson 6500UB

      This top-notch Epson 1080p LCD front projector hits all the right notes, with excellent overall performance--including excellent HD and DVD picture quality and highly detailed images... read more...

    • Projectors

      Sony Bravis VPL-HW15

      Like its predecessor, the HW10 model, this Sony VPL-HW15 1080p front projector from Sony is an LCoS-based model that uses Sony's SXRD technology to deliver great color and read more...

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