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      Sony Bravis VPL-HW15


      Like its predecessor, the HW10 model, this Sony VPL-HW15 1080p front projector from Sony is an LCoS-based model that uses Sony's SXRD technology to deliver great color and a bright image with better than average black levels.  Overall you will enjoy top-notch picture quality on both HD and SD content.


      The VPL-HW15 projector offers excellent HD picture quality and standard-definition picture quality. It does an excellent job displaying the finest detail in top-quality HD content wit excellent color accuracy.  Contrast, black levels and screen brightness is good on typical image content, especially brighter scenes.  The projector will please you with its ability to show excellent, smooth reproduction of scenes with subtly shaded light-to-dark areas, such as a sky during sunset.  It also has excellent film-mode operation (3:2 pulldown) which effectively eliminates jagged edges on 1080i HD and 480i SD movie content. Overall, it is easy to use, the on-screen menu is very easy to navigate and the projector includes a color management system for optimizing color calibration.


      Delivering an immersive cinematic experience and Full HD 1080p resolution, the VPL-HW15 BRAVIA® SXRD™ 1080p projector is the perfect home theater solution. This projector features three SXRD micro-display panels that work with a specially developed ARC-F (All Range Crisp Focus) lens and BRAVIA Engine™ 2 digital video processor to display stunning, life-like images on a scale that no flat panel HDTV can match. A 200W lamp provides startling brightness for enhanced performance in rooms with ambient light from lamps or windows, and Advanced Iris 3 technology delivers high contrast of up to 60,000:1 by automatically optimizing picture brightness on a scene-by-scene basis.


      Full HD 1080p with 3 SXRD™ 1920 x 1080 Panels

      Three SXRD 1920 x 1080p micro-display panels support Full HD 1080p resolution for an impressive combination of vivid color, film-like image quality, and high-definition brilliance. Enjoy cinematic-quality images.


      Advanced Iris 3

      The Advanced Iris 3 function provides up to a 60,000:1 contrast ratio1 by optimizing both dark and bright scenes to produce deep black levels with stunning details.


      Deep Color

      By combining a 10-bit processor with 10-bit SXRD™ panels, the VPL-HW15 can create and display 64 times the level of color expression of 8-bit projectors, resulting in smoother color gradations and helping to avoid a “paint-by-numbers” look.


      Panel Alignment function

      A Panel Alignment function enables pixel alignment to within 1/10th of a pixel5, making it possible to shift the entire picture to adjust for color gaps and produce a brighter, clearer, and more detailed picture.


      Ultra Low Fan Noise 22dB

      Exclusive Sony-designed fan delivers efficient cooling and whisper-quiet operation (22dB).


      RS-232C connectivity

      RS-232C connectivity enables operation of the projector using a home theater automation controller.


      Functional Cosmetic Design for Home Theater

      The VPL-HW15 features a sophisticated yet functional design, with a dark exterior that coordinates well with home theater environments.


      200W Ultra-High-Pressure Lamp

      A 200W Ultra-High-Pressure Lamp delivers natural color with a brightness of 1000 ANSI lumens


      24p True Cinema™

      24p True Cinema technology provides a direct connection to 24p video sources so you can avoid conversions and enjoy films at their intended 24 fps (frames per second).


      ARC-F (All Range Crisp Focus) Lens

      A specially developed ARC-F (All Range Crisp Focus) lens takes full advantage of the SXRD™ panels to deliver Full HD 1080p resolution with superior clarity and focus.


      1.6x Zoom Lens

      A 1.6x zoom lens provides a short focus distance and takes full advantage of Sony® SXRDTM technology to provide superior resolution and focus.


      HDMI™ Inputs x 2

      The VPL-HW15 BRAVIA® SXRD™ 1080p Home Cinema Projector offers two HDMI inputs (up to 1080/60p capable) that deliver uncompressed digital video over one cable (cable sold separately).


      BRAVIA Sync™

      BRAVIA Sync gives you one-touch access and control functionality other over BRAVIA Sync compatible equipment using the projector’s remote and on-screen display


      BRAVIA Engine™ 2

      BRAVIA Engine 2 fully digital video processor uses a collection of unique Sony® algorithms to significantly reduce noise, enhance overall image detail, and optimize contrast so every scene produces sharp, vibrant, life-like images.



      x.v.Color technology3 takes HD color expression to new levels. When connected to x.v.Color capable video sources, such as select Sony® camcorders, the VPL-HW15 can display nearly twice as many (1.8x) viewable colors as the existing RGB color standard, resulting in more natural, life-like images.


      Noise reduction functions

      The VPL-HW15 features noise reduction functions that analyze scenes in real time to identify various types of noise and reduce unwanted artifacts, such as mosquito noise and block noise, without compromising the video signal.


      Adjustable Lens Shift

      Adjustable Lens Shift provides vertical and horizontal adjustments of the picture position expanding the projector's placement and installation options without distorting image quality.


      Various Analog Inputs


      The VPL-HW15 features various analog inputs including YPbPr Component, S-Video, Composite video, and a PC input (D-sub 15-pin) for easy connection to a wide variety of video sources.


      RCP (Real Color Processing) function

      RCP (Real Color Processing) function allows adjustment of specific colors on the picture without changing the overall image's color and hue.



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