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    optima hd20 projector         Optoma HD20 High Definition 1080p DLP Home Theater Projector

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      Epson 6500UB


      This top-notch Epson 1080p LCD front projector delivers what you want in a projector - a big picture with excellent HD and DVD picture quality and highly detailed images - and does it at a fair price. You will find it easy to set up and use.  As with any TV, you'll need to enter the picture-settings submenu to get the colors adjusted properly. The performance is similar to that of the newer model, the 8500 UB.  If you can find the 6500UB at a good price, grab it.


      The Epson 6500UB offers excellent HD and DVD picture quality, giving excellent image detail that makes the most of the best HD programs. Once you adjust the color to suit you, you will find it gives excellent color accuracy. Contrast, image brightness and black levels are good.  The project is capable of excellent reproduction of scenes with subtly shaded light-to-dark areas. It gives excellent film-mode operations and effectively eliminates jagged edges on HD and DVD movie content.  You will find the 6500UB easy to use with its on-screen menu that is very easy to navigate and the controls on the main unit that are easy to use. A plus is the very wide range of projector positioning from the screen.  As with any projector or TV set, you will adjust the colors to suit you by entering a sub-menu to fine-tune the individual red, green, and blue (RGB) colors.

      From the Manufacturer

       Brilliant quality. Blockbuster performance. - Enjoy the home theater experience in a way you never thought possible. With contrast ratio of up to 75,000:1, the highest currently available in its class*, the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 6500 UB puts you right in the middle of where the action is, as larger–than–life images leap right off the screen. Whether you’re watching movies or sports, this 1080p projector ensures amazing image quality with the latest–generation Epson D7 chip, UltraBlack™ technology and 1600 lumens of color and white light output.* * With a state–of–the–art Fujinon lens, a brand trusted by renowned Hollywood filmmakers, this product delivers blockbuster video performance. And, with Epson’s 3LCD, 3–chip optical engine, it offers such incredible quality, you’re sure to achieve a true cinematic experience. The PowerLite Home Cinema 6500 UB brings big–screen entertainment home in a whole new way. High-definition native 1080p home theater projector with state-of-the-art features and powerful performance.

      Incredibly Deep Blacks with Crystal Clear Detail.

      Achieve astounding blacks with an incredible contrast ratio of up to 75,000:1, UltraBlack technology and Epson’s exclusive Vertical Alignment (VA) LCD technology. With VA LCD technology, opaque (black) is the natural state. Signal voltage is applied to increase translucence (transmittance) as needed. This is a fundamental design and performance advantage — a complete re–thinking of LCD chip design. Conventional LCDs use Twisted Nematic chips, which are translucent in their natural state. Signal voltage is applied to reduce light throughput, but the inability to achieve correct Liquid Crystal alignment means that true black is impossible to achieve, as there will always be some leakage. VA technology is fundamentally correct, and results in true deep blacks since the molecules align uniformly with minimal stray light leakage.



      Performance Advantages for a Blockbuster Experience.

      The PowerLite Home Cinema 6500 UB brings stunning, true–to–life color to images onscreen with Epson’s exclusive Cinema Filter. This Epson–exclusive technology expands the color gamut to reproduce colors as filmmakers intended, which generates a more natural color palette and ensures a more vivid viewing experience. And the new advanced high-speed auto iris is ideal for fast-action movies and TV shows as it automatically adjusts light output up to 60 times per second. Experience smoother image quality with the new FineFrame™ interpolation processing which deconstructs and reconstructs 24 and 60 Hz sources for a 1080p frame rate output of up to 120 Hz, virtually eliminating flicker and frame–to–frame judder. Finally, with the new 200 W Ultra High Efficiency lamp, you will experience bright natural colors that pop off the screen. This E-TORL® lamp projects light more efficiently, maximizing brightness throughout the lamp’s life of up to 4,000 hours.***

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      Enjoy brilliant picture quality and blockbuster performance with the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 6500 UB
      HC720 back
      Versatile connectivity for easy setup and flexible options HC720 Front
    • High-definition, true, native, 1080p home theater experience — 1920 x 1080 resolution
    • Large screen viewing experience — projects a 16:9 widescreen 60-inch image from only six feet away or a 120-inch image from just 12 feet away
    • Deep, dark blacks, crystal clear detail — new D7 TFT panels, a contrast ratio of up to 75,000:1 with UltraBlack™ and C2Fine® technology
    • Rich, vibrant color — 3-chip optical engine
    • Bright, brilliant images — 1600 lumens color, 1600 lumens white light output**
    • Stunning picture uniformity and clarity — HQV processor, 120 Hz FineFrame™ technology and an OptiCinema™ lens by Fujinon with 2.1 zoom ratio
    • Cutting-edge connectivity — two HDMI 1.3a ports for maximum flexibility
    • Smooth gradations — 12-bit panel driver
    • Efficient cooling system — unobtrusive fan
    • Ideal for fast-action movies, TV shows — advanced, high-speed auto iris function automatically adjusts light output up to 60 times per second
    • Packaging Specifications — Dimensions 23.7" x 18.1" x 11.3" (W x D x H) and Weight 22.8 lb


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