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    lg 55lh90             LG 55LH90 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz LED Backlit LCD HDTV, Glossy Black/Infused Blue

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      Samsung UN55B8500

      This 55-inch 1080p LCD from Samsung includes a full-array LED backlight with local dimming rather than conventional lamps and 240Hz technology to reduce motion blur.  It delivers excellent overall picture quality and very good black levels, especially from an LCD set. It has a full complement of online content, including streaming movie services from Blockbuster, Amazon Video on Demand, and Showtime, and it's a DLNA-compliant model that can access photos, movies, and music stored on a PC via a network connection. It also comes with some preloaded content, such as recipes, an image gallery, and kids' games. A home network center feature can connect to some mobile phones to view calls, text messages and schedules on the TV.


      The Samsung UN55B8500 offers excellent high-definition and standard-definition picture quality. It does an excellent job displaying the finest detail in top-quality high-definition content. Color accuracy is very good for high-definition images, and excellent for standard-definition. Contrast, brightness are good. It has very good black levels - deep, just shy of the best sets. You will find excellent, smooth reproduction of scenes with subtly shaded light-to-dark areas, such as a sky during sunset. It uses Samsung's Auto Motion Pro 240Hz technology that quadruples the TV's frame rate to 240-hertz and it does reduce motion blur to some extent. The sound is good, fine for typical TV programming.  The remote control is excellent and all its buttons are backlit so they're easy to see in the dark.  The set comes with a second, mini-remote which includes power, channel and volume buttons. The set itself s a super-slim 1.75 inches.


      The Samsung UN55B8500 will cost you about $4000.  As with alls ets, you adjust the color to suit your taste by using individual red/green/blue color controls in the advanced menu.  You may see uneven brightness effect that creates cloudy areas that were very distracting in dark scenes. The set has a limited viewing angle, but picture quality looks fine head-on.  At angled viewing you will see some deterioration in color, contrast, or brightness.  This is common with most LCDs. 


      Picture performance, advanced connectivity, and an eco-friendly and stunning design come together with the Samsung UN55B8500 55-inch LED HDTV to achieve a high level of picture quality as well as provide a unique and immersive entertainment experience. Using Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as its primary light source--rather than traditional Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL)--this cutting edge HDTV also offers the benefits of an ultra-high contrast ratio and a slim depth that allows for a more artful design. And the 8500 Series also includes innovative LED Local Dimming technology, which selectively turns blocks of LEDs off to render perfectly true blacks while others are left on to produce more light in order to express pure whites.

      The Crystal Neck swivel stand.
      With Samsung's innovative use of white LEDs as a backlight source, the 8500 Series is capable of a stunning 7,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for extreme detail and image depth and an an ultra-quick 2ms panel response time for fast-paced content. Its Wide Color Enhancer Pro ensures that colors are consistently vibrant, while Samsung's Ultra Clear Panel works to improve image clarity and brightness regardless of a room's ambient lighting.


      To battle motion blur and image judder that can plague LCD displays when displaying fast movement onscreen, this 8500 Series LED HDTV utilizes Samsung's Auto Motion Plus frame interpolation technology with an ulatra-fast 240Hz refresh rate--four times that of other TVs. It also boasts high dynamic contrast ratios, complements of the ground breaking LED light source.


      The 8500 Series features Samsung's new Internet@TV online content service. Developed with Yahoo!, Internet@TV uses either a wired or wireless Ethernet connection to access content onscreen from Yahoo!, Flickr, YouTube and more with the push of a button. The widget-based interface and scrollbar run along the bottom of the screen for easy browsing of the latest programs and content.

      Key Features

      • Screen Size: 55 inches
      • Full 1080p HD
      • New -- Breakthrough local dimming LED technology for a sharper picture as well as true-to-life brightness ranging from the purest black to pristine white.
      • Auto Motion Plus 240Hz: Advanced processing that reduces blur and enhances image detail when viewing fast motion video sequences.
      • Energy Savings: Samsung's LED TVs use up to 40 percent less power than conventional LCD TVs.
      • Ultra-slim Design: 1.6-inch depth
      • Ultra-quick 2ms response time minimizes blurring of fast motion in sports programs.
      • Mega dynamic contrast ratio (7,000,000:1)
      • HD-Grade Pixel Resolution: High-resolution pixel density is combined with a built-in image scaler to handle inputs from a variety of digital and analog audio/video sources.
      • Ultra Clear Panel: Advanced LCD technology lets you enjoy crisp image details, natural skin tones, excellent shadow detail, and vibrant colors.
      • Game Mode enhances dark areas, sharpens the picture, speeds up the image processing response and enhances the sounds of your games. Picture and sound quality optimized for the special needs of gaming systems at the touch of a button.
      • Wide Color Enhancer Pro optimizes a given color's hue, resulting in more natural rendering of colors.
      • Picture-in-Picture (PIP) enables convenient, simultaneous viewing of TV programs and video or PC content sources.
      • Audio: Two stereo speakers (15-watts each, for 30 watts of total power)
      • SRS TruSurround HD creates an immersive, feature-rich surround sound experience from two speakers, complete with rich bass, high frequency detail and clear dialog.
      • Content Library (2 GB Flash Memory): Built-in library contains photo art gallery, games, workout routines, recipes, and other interesting digital content. Additional items and updates are available from Samsung.com.
      • Two USB 2.0 ports for playing a variety of video, photo, and audio files from portable devices, including external hard drives
      • DLNA-compatible for better interopability with electronics, computers and mobile devices from many different manufacturers
      • Anynet Plus (HDMI-CEC) allows peripheral AV devices such as a DVD player to be controlled by a Samsung TV remote control.
      • Energy Star Compliant: Reduces energy consumption by up to 25 percent compared with standard TVs.
      • Built-in digital tuner--no external box needed.
      • V-Chip system allows blocking of rated TV and movie programs determined by a parent to contain objectionable content.
      • Crystal Neck swivel stand
      • Warranty: 1 year parts and 1 year labor warranty (90 days parts and labor for commercial use), with in home service, backed by Samsung toll-free support.
      • Medi@2.0 lets you enjoy more with Internet TV, allowing you to receive content via Yahoo!, Flickr, and more via on-screen TV widgets.


      • HDMI (version 1.3): 4 back
      • USB: 2 back
      • Component video: 1 back
      • Composite video: 1 back (shared with component)
      • PC input: 1 back
      • Ethernet: 1 back
      • Optical digital audio output: 1 back


      • TV without stand: 52.1 x 31.4 x 1.6 inches (WxHxD); 61.7 pounds
      • TV with stand: 52.1 x 34 x 12.1 inches (WxHxD); 77.6 pounds






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