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    lg 55lh90             LG 55LH90 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz LED Backlit LCD HDTV, Glossy Black/Infused Blue

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      LG 55LH90

      This 55-inch 1080p LCD set from LG offers top-notch performance, with excellent HD picture quality and a fairly wide viewing angle. It's also one of the few TVs with very good sound. This model uses a full-array LED backlight, which can produce better blacks in LCD sets, and quasi-240Hz technology, which does a very good job reducing motion blur.


      The LG 55LH90 has Excellent HD picture quality and very good standard-definition picture quality. It was very good at displaying fine details in top-quality HD content, just shy of the best sets. Color accuracy was excellent. Contrast and brightness was good, suitable for most rooms. For HD, very good black levels -- deep, just shy of the best sets. It features very good, smooth reproduction of scenes with subtly shaded light-to-dark areas, such as a sky during sunset. Excellent film-mode operation (3:2 pulldown) effectively eliminated jagged edges on 480i SD movie content.


       Viewing angle was fairly wide -- the picture doesn't change much as you move off dead center. It uses a full-array LED backlight with local dimming rather than conventional lamps, which helps produce some of the best black levels seen on an LCD.


      It has very good sound and an excellent remote control, with all of its buttons backlit so they're easy to see in the dark.


      LED Mega Contrast 2,000,000:1 - LG LED technology utilizes LED lamps that individually control the level of brightness--for amazing clarity and color detail, even during fast-action sports and movie scenes, as well as for reduced power consumption. LG technology allows detailed control of over 240 levels of brightness, delivering 40 times greater contrast than a typical LCD HDTV.


      TruMotion 240Hz - Whether you're watching your favorite sport or action flick, or playing a hot new video game, now your TV will keep up with your fast-paced entertainment. LG's TruMotion 240Hz technology provides crystal clear motion detail even in the fastest moving sports and movie scenes. The secret lies in LG's unique technology, which processes fast-moving images at lightning speed.


      THX Display Certification - An industry benchmark for video and sound quality, THX Display Certification signifies that an HDTV delivers exceptional images, bringing more immersive movie, broadcast and video game experiences to your living room. THX Ltd. was founded by George Lucas with the idea to develop technologies and certification programs that help deliver the true sights and sounds of films and other media exactly like it was created. THX Display testing is focused on video signal processing and front of screen analysis to ensure that each display can present all HD and standard definition content at the maximum resolution with the correct color and luminance levels.




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